PCCI proudly represents the following coatings product lines. In addition to protective coatings, we also provide containment tarps and paint sundries.


  • International (Akzo Nobel)

    International (Akzo Nobel)

    Marine & Industrial Coatings

  • Devoe (Akzo Nobel)

    Devoe (Akzo Nobel)

    High Performance Coatings

  • Hempel


    Marine & Industrial Coatings

  • Ceilcote (Akzo Nobel)

    Ceilcote (Akzo Nobel)

    Secondary Containment Coatings

  • PPG


    Marine & Protective Coatings

  • Crown Polymers

    Crown Polymers

    Advanced Floor Coatings

  • Neogard


    Floor and Roof Coatings

  • Sauereisen


    Chemical Resistant Coatings

  • VersaFLex


    Polyurea Coatings & Sealants

  • Dampney


    High Heat Coatings

  • Aquafin


    Moisture Vapor Remediation Coatings

  • Pretox


    Lead Abatement Preparation

  • NCP Coatings (Niles Coatings)

    NCP Coatings (Niles Coatings)

    Military Specification Coatings

  • AW Chesterton ARC Coatings

    AW Chesterton ARC Coatings

    Extreme Abrasion and Chemical Resistant Ceramic Reinforced Coatings

  • Indian Valley

    Indian Valley

    Sandblast & Containment Tarps 30'x50' Coated Airbag Tarps 30'x50' Coated Enviro Screen Black

  • Eagle Industries

    Eagle Industries

    Sandblast & Containment Tarps 4.5'x15' Dust Sock

  • Reinforced Visqueen

    Reinforced Visqueen

    Reinforced Polyfilm Visqueen Plastic Sheeting 20'x100' 6 mil. 40'x100' 6 mil.

  • Midwest Rake Company

    Midwest Rake Company

    Floor Coating Application Tools Gauge Rakes Porcupine/Spiked Rollers Squeegees Spiked Shoes

  • Dynamic Paintware

    Dynamic Paintware

    Paint Sundries Chip Brushes Roller Frames Roller Covers

  • Custom Vinyl Enclosures & Screens

    Custom Vinyl Enclosures & Screens

    Drydock Curtains Large Door Panels Custom Covers